Why I Trust & Feed The Farmer’s Dog

I’m constantly asked: “What food do you feed your dogs?” I get this question almost daily. And my answer is always the same: Fresh is best. But, it took me quite a while to share which brand I personally use. Now, after more than a year feeding the same food – and noticing such an improvement in my dogs’ energy level, digestion, and overall health – I love telling people that I feed The Farmer’s Dog!

What Is The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a real food subscription service that cooks fresh, human-grade dog food with your canine companion in mind.

Here’s how it works:

On their website, you answer a few simple questions about your dog (like name, age, breed, weight, activity level, treat consumption, whether your dog is spayed or neutered, etc.). According to The Farmer’s Dog team:

When you sign up for a plan, we ask for several pieces of information about your dog. It seems like a lot of detail! But the more we get to know your dog, the better we can determine the right recipe and plan for them. We use the information you provide to calculate a baseline recommendation for your dog’s daily calorie requirements, also known as their daily portion. Since every dog, and metabolism, is unique, we use this as a starting place, and are always on hand to help with any necessary adjustments. 

Next, you’ll be offered 4 formulas: beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. You choose which ones you want (it can be just one or all three).

Once your dog’s food is cooked and ready to ship, it immediately gets packaged, labeled, and sent in the mail over dry ice. The food will arrive at your house frozen, but it’s never been deep-frozen or stored on a shelf for months! My farm-fresh dog food always arrives at my house just 2 days after The Farmer’s Dog team packages it. Wanna know how I know that? They tell you right on the label.

The Packaging

The packaging makes me smile. Seriously, if I had a tail, I’d wag it! It’s personalized with your dog’s name (how cute is that?!), tells you which formula is inside, how much to feed your dog, and the date it was packaged.

For my small dogs, one package = four days worth of food. But, if you have a large dog then one package may be filled with one days worth of food. According to The Farmer’s Dog team:

To allow us to make and deliver our food in the most cost-effective way for our customers, and to reduce our plastic usage, we don’t have an infinite number of pack sizes... Once we have all your information, our algorithm determines the appropriate recipe and daily caloric requirement for your dog. Based on how many calories you’re feeding each day, we determine the right pack size that you’ll receive in your box of food.

The Food Inside

The packaging may excite our eyes, but it’s what’s inside that matters most! Here’s a quick list of things to know:

  • The Farmer’s Dog offers 4 recipes to choose from (beef, turkey, chicken pork … I rotate the beef, chicken, and turkey formulas)
  • Food is delivered to you within days of cooking
  • Human-grade meat and veggies.
    • They say, “All of our ingredients are human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors that meet USDA standards. We never use feed-grade ingredients, and we don’t process our ingredients to be shelf-stable, ensuring your dog is getting the highest quality, most natural nutrients available.”
  • No red-flag preservatives
  • You will never find “Meals” on the ingredient label. Did you know powders like “Chicken Meal” can contain meat from diseased livestock? Yuck!
  • Formulated by veterinary nutritionists
    • Famer’s Dog says, “Our board-certified veterinary nutritionists carefully formulate each recipe to be 100% complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards, and we use all human-grade ingredients and processes to do so.”
  • Nutrition that exceeds industry standards for dogs (AAFCO)
  • Made in USDA Kitchens
  • When you put the food into your dog’s bowl, you can easily see all of the ingredients. Looks like human food, smells like human food!
  • Auto-shipping and you can easily adjust shipping frequency, pause, or cancel anytime
  • Free shipping
  • Made in the USA

How Much Does The Food Cost?

The answer to this question isn’t so black and white, as the price depends on how much food your dog needs!

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