Is Your Dog Sleeping Too Much? Find Out!

As a woman who works from home, keeping a schedule is crucial. Every morning I wake up, walk my two dogs, feed my dogs, feed myself, clean the kitchen, and then sit down at my computer to work. Along with my schedule, my dogs have a schedule too. For my little chihuahua, he wakes up, goes outside, eats a treat, runs back into the bedroom, crawls under the covers, and goes back to sleep. He will literally sleep until 11 a.m. (or until I wake him up for his afternoon walk).  THEN … at night, if I stay up late, I will sometimes see him walk into the bedroom and crawl under the covers. I mean, the little dude is a serious bed head. 

My toy poodle, Gigi, also loves her sleep. But she doesn’t catch nearly as many zzz’s as my chihuahua does.

Seeing how many hours my chihuahua spends in bed, it got me worried. I kept wondering if he was depressed. I didn’t understand why he would be. I literally shower him with love 24/7. We play fetch and go for daily walks around my community. So what’s the deal? 

I eventually wound up asking my vet. She said not to worry. Apparently, dogs require a lot more sleep than humans do and it’s normal for them to nap … A LOT! Shortly after my visit to the vet, I found this great infographic by Bark Post.  I thought it was just too good not to share. So if your dog is like mine and likes to sleep a lot, hopefully, this will bring you some peace of mind!


Via Bark Post