Watch: Dog Helps His Owner Load The Washing Machine

Chores … no one likes to do them, but we all have to. That’s why splitting the workload with someone is a major plus. 

When I wash my dishes, do my laundry, or vacuum my rugs, I occasionally look at my two dogs and jokingly say to them, “Okay. Get up and help me. It’s about time you pull your weight around here!” Of course, they respond by getting up, grabbing some toys, and walking into the other room to play. My little guys definitely know how to make me laugh!

Well, now that I’ve seen this German Shepherd named Baron help his owner do the laundry, it gives me hope that one day my dogs won’t walk away when I ask them to help out 🙂 lol 

I’m certainly not the only one who is impressed by helpful Baron. His video has gone viral (and rightfully so)! I mean, it’s pretty amazing to watch as this dog helps his owner load the washing machine! Watch here:

Via Rumble Viral/ YouTube