20 Pet First Aid Kit Essentials

Do you have a first aid kit in your house and/or car? Chances are, you do. Even if it’s not a formal first aid “kit”, you likely have a stash of bandages and ointments tucked away in some drawer or box. Now, here’s another question: Do you have one packed with essentials for your pet? 

Why Pet First Aid Kids Are Important

To put it simply: You never know when something bad is going to happen.

Within the first few weeks of welcoming my toy Poodle, Gigi, into my home, something horrible happened. I took her to the nearby tennis court to let her run around in an enclosed space when a big gust of wind came and knocked down the heavy gate. Apparently, the bolts were loose and the gate wasn’t secure. I almost had a heart attack when I heard 4-pound Gigi shriek at the top of her lungs and run away from the fallen gate. It had landed on one of her paws, leaving a gash and lots of pain.

As scary as that night was, fortunately, I had a pet first aid kit on hand and was able to tend to her on our way to the emergency vet. While you can never predict when an emergency will strike, you certainly can prepare for them. In my opinion, it’s extremely beneficial to keep a pet first aid kit at home and in your car.

Pet First Aid Kit Essentials

I hope you never have to use your first aid kit. But, just in case of an emergency, here are some essentials you’ll want to keep packed inside an easily-accessible container:

  1. Gauze Pads For covering open wounds and clotting
  2. Cotton Balls and Q-Tips For cleanup and topical application
  3. Liquid Bandage (One Formulated Specifically for Pets) For sealing and securing small open wounds
  4. Styptic Powder To quickly clot bleeding nails
  5. Vet Wraps For compression and splints
  6. Adhesive Tape To secure bandages
  7. Scissors To cut bandage wrap and tape
  8. Regular Tweezers and Dog Tick Remover In case something is stuck in your dog’s paw or body
  9. Hydrogen Peroxide To clean open wounds
  10. Antibiotic Ointment For open wounds
  11. Saline Solution For eyes and rinsing
  12. Mini Water Bottle – For rinsing and/or dehydration
  13. Portable Water Bowl In case your dog needs a drink
  14. Ice/Heat Pack For sore muscles and bruises
  15. Oral Syringe To administer medicine
  16. Benadryl In case of an allergic reaction (consult with your vet before administering) 
  17. Disposable Gloves To protect your hands
  18. Towel For cleanup
  19. Vet Records In case emergency personal need your dog’s medical background. Download my vet and pet medical records keeper for free HERE!
  20. Extra Leash In case you lose your dog’s leash or it breaks

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